Morlocks (SE)


Genre: Industrial / Gothic / Avantgarde

Morlocks operate around the borderlines between the collective subconscious, paradoxal multiverses and the bad conscience of the world (as we know it). They travel either like sinister prowlers through the shadows, or like a raging bulldozer, sneaking and bolting through and between the Cold War, radioactive wastelands, the catacombs of Rome and unspeakable dimensions beyond the Unknown Kadath.
Golden apples serve as food for the journey and the road is lined by epic creative chaos and a malicious love for bastard hybrids of industrial rock, retrofuturism, machines, symphonies and heresies.


Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in the distant 90’s, dead, reborn and reformed twice; Morlocks has taken the so called industrial rock to a new level. Finally a quartet again, the member’s classical education in music, combined with a love for different styles — such as darkwave, industrial, metal, goth, EBM, electro, punk and basically whatever — boils down to something that only can be described as MORLOCKS! Their second album The Outlaw of Fives has been available for the European market for a while, but demands more territory.

After being discovered and highly praised by Sascha Konitetzko of KMFDM, the two bands started a collaboration. First out was a Morlocks mix of Krank, appearing on the KMFDM single Amnesia in 2012. Morlocks also appears on the brand new KMFDM album Kunst with “The Mess You Made” in 2013, co-written by Morlocks and Sascha Konietzko, vocals by J.Strauss, guitars by Innocentius and lyrics by Strauss/Logos.

The band is currently signed on German label Echozone, providing a distrubution deal for the European continent, but is looking for similar deals in the rest of the known universe and beyond. As for now, new recordings are in progress to see the light of day in a near future.