Being Frank


Genre: Unik Pop/Indie

Being Frank… Frank Lansners project since almost a child involving more than 30 different musicians, including Violinists, trompet players, a whole bunch of guitarists and just as many choir singers, an opera singer, harmonica players, etc etc. – but generally a “rock-crew” behind. Heres the looong boring history of the project…. May the force be with you:

Being Frank… the project started when Frank was hardly a teenager back in 1983…

Some fine morning Frank started up a band “Geist” with Guitar player Casper Frederiksen, Drums Claus Nygaard, Bas Lars Northeved.
Frank himself was singing and playing keyboard. Frank had composed a few songs….

Then shortly after, big brother John Lansner came aboard, and John and Frank composed songs together back home in “Trørød” city. Later they called themselves “Neo Cortex” and new musicians played in the project: Guitar: morten Landau, Bas Frank Lansner, Drums: Dominik kröll, keyboard John Lansner, Trompet Flemming Mieth, Percussion Bent Krogsgaard and actually more peoble went in and out of the project!
The NeoCortex period was the most intense period of the project to date (except for 2005-6) with around 50 concerts, 75 songs created and 5 demos.
Neo Cortex made a UK record deal, but it never sold much 🙂

Around 1990 there was yet another shift out in personal of the Frank-John project. Now Michael schiøler played the drums, Lise Lansner did the violin, and Sonja Lansner contributed with her Opera voice. Morten Landau and John both plaid the guitars. The project was now driven by Frank again.
Many other musicians came in and out.
In 1992 the project shifted its name to “World On An Island” due to a very nice song titled so. (This song will be played by Being Frank sooner or later!)
The lovely Drummer ALex Riel did some beatiful drums on a demo in that period.
On the side, another project Les Enfants, With Bettina Fyen Andersen on vocal, Benny Engelbrecht on guitar saw its light. The cooperation with Benny Engelbrecht have resultet in some fine songwritings, for instance the song “Slipping away” that wil be performed by Being Frank soon. Later, Morten Landau played guitar in Les Enfants.
The drummer of Les Enfants, Morten Bucdhardt, now plays the drums in Being Frank. Les enfants recorded lots of demos, was the first band in Denmark to publish their home made CD. “Prelude”
Les Enfant then got a record deal at Kick Music in 1992. The album was called “Rainy days”.

In the period 1990-92 Frank was also playing in Excess Bleeding Heart, with Alex puddu, Morten varano and Andy Fenn, but in this context Frank did not write the music.

In the period 1993-97 Frank Played with guitarists Thomas Frøkjær (Hi Thomas hope to see you soon!) and Morten Landau, and several other peoble. John was still playing some keyboards and guitar now and then but the project was still driven on by Frank. Again more musicians where involved.
In this period Franks material was recorded in a dark wet tiny basement, Frank now called the project “Wet Basement” .

Christian Mathiesen had contributed with his deeb extrordinary voice to the Band Les Enfants, and Frank and Christian held the connection, and so Christian took over the job as front singer.
Due to a song Frank created for Les Enfants “The Freakshow” the project later took this name.
Then Frank contacted yet another guitar player, Michael Schilling, who joined the project.
In the period 1997-2002 however there was hardly any activity nor progress. There was no time 🙁
Even so, in 2002 (mostly in the morning hours from 5´o clock before going to work) Frank prepared recordings with drums, bas, keyboard, etc and then Christian, Michael and now also Flemming Mieth (From the Neo Cortex period) and his wife Stine Waldorf and others contributed to theese recordings.
A full CD was created “SINGLE DANCING” .
But sadly, front singer Chrisitan Mathiesen split from the project, and since his voice is so very special, all recordings had to be done again adabted to a new singer.

In 2003 nothing much happened, except trying out new musicians, and finaly in January 2004, the project still called “The Freakshow”, seemed complete: Frank Lansner: bas, Rune Abro Vocal, Morten Buchardt drums, Michael schilling guitar, Magnus Hohler guitar.
Franks songs from all periods “Geist”, “Neo Cortex”, “World on an Island”, “Wet basement” and partly “Les enfants” could now again be played live.
Also John Lansners songs will be used!!

The new musicians thought that Franks project should now be named after Frank somehow perhaps “Frank and the…”
So in late 2004 frontsinger Rune creates the new title for Franks project: “Being Frank”, which is the name that will be used in the future.
As we had a new front singer, all material was to be adabted to the new singer, Rune, and therefore recorded again….!!!!!
To do so, Frank took the initiative to contact Thomas Troelsens “Deltalab”. In general, too many years has passed, and things shold be speeded up a little:-)

1/1 2006 Michael Schiling leaves the project and Sebatian Djuurhus was introduced in stead. ZE-BEAST-IAN !!!

The project driven by Frank in over 20 years since tiny boy now has over 150 potential songs – and in the repertoire of Being Frank today all periods are represented. Frank is still writing – he allways is. And so is his brother John => “Being Frank” is not likely to run out of material EVER 🙂

You deserve a medal for reading all this!!