Ok – So four guys in Odense, DK, wanted to play some SKA.
They got together and made a band, a little later the singer bailed.
Therefore, the guitarist started singing, while playing the guitar no less… Phew!
Then a friend joined as a keyboard player, but was fired a few months later and promptly re-hired as a guitar player seeing that he was way better at playing guitar…
The Band played some more shows, and recorded their first EP – “It’s A Demo”.
And also this chick started singing backing vocals ’cause she’s hot and wanted to be in a band. And as it turned out she sings really well too. Then! she got herself to pregnant to play…
Then they played more shows, sharing the stage with the likes of BliGlad, Von Dü, Larica, Plök, Mobster and Leo & The Line-up
And what ho! an old friend suddenly sprang to mind and the band asked him to play some keys and sing a bit – the MOFO said yes. The band got a lot better.
Then they recorded their second EP – “The Amsterdam Shipment”. Out of nowhere this new girl showed up and is now gracing the stage with her body and backing vocals. All of a sudden this guy who, incidentally, was the first subject to become the trumpet player (but he didn’t have a trumpet) showed up (he found a trumpet) and joined this motley crew, the brass section lives!! Also, another guy popped up with a saxophone and blew… hard.
Then one day the band brought a friend to a gig… after the gig he joined as a percussionist – kicking the timbales!
Some time went by.. and then the band decided to have a bit of a break from playing live and focus on new stuff while the drummer simultaneously decided to quit the band – a tear-drenched heart-achingly sad farewell ensued.
After that, the guy on percussion took over on drums and it’s onward and upwards.
Then! The trumpet player guy decided to a switcheroo and started playing the trombone and his old friend Henrik joined the band as the new trumpet player, so now the band sports a complete horn section and that is pretty AWESOME!
In The Skavengers has an almost completely new lineup since the drummer, bass player and guitarist had other obligations. So finally we can get on with writing new songs and touring again!